5 Reasons People Need To Buy A Smurf

There are lots of reasons why a player might want to pick up a League of Legends smurf, and we will try to cover here!

The list of pros that you get when you pick up a League of Legends Account is too lengthy to fully analyze here, but we will examine the most important ones.

LoL Gameplay

You Are A Well-Known Master Player

This reason likely doesn’t apply to many of people, but it’s a very good excuse to pick up a League of Legends smurf.

If you are well known enough to stream on Twitch or upload to Youtube then chances are that sometimes you want to take it easy without having players recognize you. It might seem dumb but lots of players will knowingly throw a game just because someone who is well known is in the same game.

Even if they don’t deliberately toss your LP in the bin they’ll definitely gank until you are prepared to surrender.

Even if they don’t behave like this owning is a good plan, as it is pleasurable to not be recognized for a few hours.

Playing Alongside Friends

If you’re higher than Gold then you probably have that one person on your friends list who always sends you an invite for a game the minute you join the game.

They’ll be all kind but the minute the game starts to go downhill he feeds. This is obviously not someone you want to play with, as it will result in your Elo hitting 0. So what do you do? Ignoring him is always an option.

On the other hand you run the risk of lose your friend, which means you have to ask yourself – do you cherish your duo partner more or your LP?

Why choose though, there is a third option after all. You can buy a League of Legends smurf and save yourself tons disappointment, that’s not all though, but they will probably thank you because you helped them to Gold.

Playing On A Foreign Region

This might not count for you, but it’s probable that you have a friend who is in a foreign country and if you wish to play with him, you’ll need a LoL account.

Do not think that just because you don’t have any friends in a far off country you don’t need a smurf, as they are also necessary for players who are overseas because of their military service. If you ask us, men who fight for their homeland should receive free transfers, but as it stands Riots transfer fees are insane.

You have to go through the prices before switching regions as with time it will be wise to grab a League of Legends smurf.

Improving at League of Legends

All players reach a time when we can’t advance any more, this normally takes place when players reach Gold 2. We have done extensive research into why people drop in skill level when playing in this particular point on the ranked ladder, and our research leads us to believe that when a player reaches this particular ranking, they are consumed by anxiety. Of course, their first game might go off without a hitch, but then the second match sneaks up on you, twenty seconds in, and already the game has devolved into a shouting match. Your Inhibitors have been turned to rubble, and as you might expect, your team are blaming you in all chat.

It’s past your bedtime and you’re about to fall unconscious on your keyboard, but you do not want to complete the evening on a down note. You play another game.

Then you find yourself staring at a defeast screen. You have a few more, hoping that you have a chance to gain your hard earned LP back. This is your downfall into the slum that is elo hell.

If you can’t stop tilting then you have got to buy a League of Legends account, since having one will give you the capability to practice in a competitive couple of matches without needing to worry over misplacing any more LP.

League of Legends Vi Skin

You Want To Look Your Best

It’s in our nature to want to strut our stuff, no matter how much people might object to this.

What does a skin give you, besides making you look nice? Absolutely nothing, but yet we buy them regardless, this is due to the fact that we can’t get enough of seeming unique.

A lot of League of Legends smurf sellers will give you bundles of sought after skins, that are sure to make all your teammates want some!

It’s of utmost importance that you choose the LoL account provder that you’re going to use with care and only after plenty of research. Lots of stores will steal your money and leave you with nothing.

This issue can be avoided if we simply properly examine sites we intend to purchase from.

Don’t let that scare you from purchasing a LoL account though! If you’re a guy who doesn’t have friends in foreign servers, if you don’t like to be a fashion sensation, then don’t waste your time on a League of Legends smurf. If you don’t want to have the opportunity to play in a hard enviroment, without losing your League Points, and if you aren’t a celebrated player, then don’t do it.

But, if a few of the above points apply to you, then grab a League of Legends smurf right now!

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