Precisely Why Smurfing In League of Legends Is So Fashionable!

There’s a host of reasons why you should buy a LoL account, and we will have a go at making a list of the top 5 here!

Learning A Different Role

As someone who has lived through this I can say without a doubt learning a new role is hard. I was someone who mained support for quite a few seasons and adapting to a brand new role is much harder thank you might believe.

this is because it’s difficult to get better when you’re not in a competitive environment, and naturally you probably do not wish to watch all your precious league points disappear down the toilet. You also want to avoid being yelled at by toxic bonobos for not doing too well as first time Katarina.

In that case you have to find a third option, unless of course you enjoy having people say that you’re bronze bonobo and want nothing more than to have your League Points trickle away.

League of Legends Vi Skin

Playing On A New Region

Most people have got an online friend nowadays and it’s probable that plenty of them reside in a foreign region. If you want to play games with them then there are 2 ways you can go about it:

You can swap servers but this grows costly over time. Unless you have plenty of disposable income then buying a League of Legends account is the only solution. This info also goes for people who are overseas by the military. Having to be away from home can be painful anyway, so why go through the suffering of quitting LoL too?

You can understand why you would need an account in a different region, but it can also apply to those looking to play whilst abroad on a getaway. Having said that thousands of players from all across the planet spend bags of cash so they can play on an Bronze League of Legends smurf. What sort of moron would spend money for a Bronze account? Read on to find out!

Why Would Anyone Throw Away Money On A Bronze Smurf?

We’ve done some digging into this, and what we’ve managed to uncover might startle you. For example. there is a predicament that effects multiple League of Legends players every year: That one noobish friend.

He might be the friendliest dude you have ever ran into. The second you get onto League of Legends he is there. First he sends something like: “Hey there, wanna play? =)”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because, it’s either that or you join the game and weep as your league points get flushed away.

That is one option if that fails then you could try pretending to be afk, which will eventually sow the seeds of resentment, particularly if you ignore him and then instantly join game the second he’s in one.

The fix is quite basic, just grab a League of Legends smurf. by doing this you can play games with your bad pal and also obtain some gratitude to boot, after all, you’re pushing them up to Gold, and the fact that you are ruining scrubs is a great bonus.

Thanks to poor decisions made to the game, people can no longer play with those who are 2 ranked tiers beneath them, but by smurfing you have an great loophole. And, it means you gain access some awesome skins to top it off, which brings us to our next point.

Smurfing Grants You Some Excellent Style Points

Why do people spend an insane amount of bucks on shirts that have nothing except the fact that they are made by a well known brand? Because of the same reason they blow all their earnings on fancy cars and houses.

People get a kick out of flaunting, and for an excellent reason too – folks will treat differently around you if they think you have some kind of status, and the same goes for LoL. If you own some awesome cosmetic changes then your pals will be impressed, and immediately think you know more about the game than you really do.

Another reason you might want to buy a smurf is because you’re a toxic player.

League of Legends Jungle

Flaunting Your Gold Smurf

Like the reasons mentioned above, owning a highly rated account will get you plenty of attention. In addition to that, a Platinum account will be guaranteed togrant you access to the seasons epic Victorious skin. not to mention the fact that owning a account means you are able to hide it away for a couple of seasons and then sell it on as lots of old skins will only gain value over time, which means that you can show off for a couple of years then pass on the account for profit!

A Word Of Warning

We’re sure that our list has helped convince you to grab a LoL account but be cautious of which stores you purchase from, as over 90% of them will leave you waiting for an account that will never be delivered, in order to avoid this make sure you learn about which smurf sellers are legitimate.

If you follow these steps then you will find plenty of enjoyment from your amazing league of legends smurf accounts!

The Most Important Reasons For Picking Up An Amazing League Account

There are tons of reasons why you might want a smurf, and we’ll be looking at the best reasons here.

Avoiding Account Transfer fees

Many advantages that come with picking up smurf aren’t always obvious, for instance; Why would people want to pick up a smurf in a different region?

For starters, in this digital age we live in, we all have an online friend or ten and most of them likely live in foreign regions. You could always use Riot’s pricy transfer scheme or you could save yourself some dollar.

After a two or three transfers you could have brought a smurf with the money you’ve saved, not only that but you get some rare skins!

Which is conveniently our next topic of conversation.

League of Legends Accounts Get You Tons Of Swag

We all love to look our best It might be hard to accept it, but reason is because League of Legends players get a rush from bragging about what they’ve purchased. Let’s be honest for a moment, everyone enjoys the expressions of envy on their duo partners faces when they enter the game with an awesome skin, and depending on which site you purchase your account from, you have a chance to pick up such rare League of Legends skins as; King Rammus and PAX Jax.

Project Vi

Plus it’s nice to play with new skins on occasion to spice things up, and it definitely beats the boring default skins!

Crushing Scrubs

Every game should be a pleasant experience, but sadly the pressure of competitive matches means that lots of the time people do not enjoy games, actually it’s likely tarnish your view of League of Legends and its playerbase.

Whereas if you were to play using a LoL account then you would be able to relax and play vs bronzies who have no idea what they’re doing.

There’s more though, playing casual matches on a lower level smurf means that you can play with friends you otherwise would not be able to!

Playing With Your Pals

It’s a ridiculous way to handle an issue; Riots employee’s have made it clear multiple times that they don’t approve of smurfing regardless of that though, they have decided to make it impossible for players to play with their duo partners if they are 2 whole ranked tiers below them.

What I’m saying is; Thanks to questionable business decisions, you won’t be able to play with a few of your low elo friends unless you grab a League of Legends account .

Every now and then you just don’t want to play with a particular pal because, they are honestly the worst, utterly and completely bad. Now we do not mean at everything, they’re likely great people, but when it comes to League of Legends they rage, or maybe they are much more casual, unlike you who takes it a bit more seriously. Now this presents you with an undesirable situation — Do you avoid your friend like the plague or do you flush your LP down the toilet?

Blanking your friend has a few obvious drawbacks, how many times can you use the old; “Sorry, I didn’t notice your invite” before they start to hate you? The answer is not many times at all, although you don’t want to toss away all your ranked advancement which means you need a third option, and that way is grabbing a League of Legends smurf.

This is likely to get you plenty of gratitude, after all, you’re helping your friend climb the ranked ladder, all while smashing scrubs into the ground. You benefit, they benefit , You’re both winners!

On the other hand tons of people prefer to buy a Diamond smurf over a Silver one.

Reasons Why Everyone Is Purchasing A Diamond Smurf

To start with massive advantage that comes with smurfing is the opportunity to boast about your Diamond border. Distinction means a lot in League of Legends, and the quickest way to achieve this is to buy a Diamond account.

To some it can seem ridiculous, but players will behave differently, kind of the way friends will treat you if you own an expensive car, you’ll be perceived to be greater than you might actually be regardless of the fact that you might happen to use your parents money to buy them, they still boost you up the social ladder.

Being Diamond grants you the chance to gain similar advantages, you’ll see a difference in your friends and they will asking you for help improving. Just Do not reveal how you managed to get a Diamond account, if they should ask that you’ve been laboring away for hours and that’s how you reached this elo.

Surely all these reasons to buy a League of Legends smurf has convinced you to think about picking up your own; In summary: if you desire to boast about your skins, play on a different region or help a friend climb out of bronze then purchase a League of Legends smurf right now!